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June 30, 2021

5 Tips for Purchasing RV Insurance Affordably

An investment in RV insurance can help anyone to enjoy the open road easier. Like most insurance products, this policy works to help individuals reduce the financial risks they face when using or storing their vehicle. What makes an RV different from a typical car or truck is its increased value. In short, these vehicles are worth more, are used both on the road and off. Since they are quite large, they may be more at risk than you realize. But, all of this doesn’t mean you have to pay more for the insurance protection you need. These tips can help keep your costs lower.
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Get a Few Quotes

One of the best ways to reduce costs is to compare numerous policies to each other. There can be significant differences between policies and carriers. Don’t assume that RV insurance is equal from one provider to the next. Discuss the coverage you wish to find with your independent insurance agent, who will then be able to find a few policy quotes for you to choose from.

Keep Costs Lower by Bundling Services

RV insurance requires multiple components. Liability, property value and uninsured/underinsured driver coverage are all worth your consideration. You’ll also want to consider additional options, such as coverage for storage, flood insurance and other specific products. When you purchase more than one policy from the same company, you’ll likely get a lower cost. You can also bundle your RV insurance with your homeowners insurance, auto insurance and other products you have. This can help reduce the costs across the board.

Get Coverage for When You Need It

One way to further reduce costs is to purchase the type of insurance for when you’ll need it. For example, if you do not drive your RV all year, you may not need all components of your on-the-road plans all year long. While you have your vehicle stored and not in use, purchase RV storage insurance. This way, you still have protection from fire, damage and theft, but at a much lower cost since you’re not facing road risks.

Add Safety Devices

RVs that have safety features built into them are often less expensive to insure because of the reduced risk. You can save money by having anti-theft devices and safety devices installed, for example.

Be a Good Driver

There is nothing more expensive to your budget than avoidable extra costs due to poor driving habits. Avoid speeding and keep a clean driving record. And, avoid claims against your policy for minor problems.

Put these savings tips into place and you’ll save significantly on the RV insurance you need to have. Better yet, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you have a quality plan in place.

How much could you save? Call Kevin O’Brien Insurance Agency at 650-726-6328 for more information on RV insurance.

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